I Fucks Widdit.

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How did the original Shamu die? (Death at Seaworld quote)


"The original Shamu was initially captured as a mate for Griffin’s pet, Namu, but was determined to e too young for that role. She was then sold to Seaworld. Shamu died of a condition known as pyrometra, which usually afflicts unspayed cats and dogs, not whales. When the hormone progesterone comes…

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Treat her like you’re still trying to win her, and that’s how you’ll never lose her.

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I always reblog this because I think this is important.

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adults with shitty opinions that refuse to listen to anyone younger than them need to fuck off

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"Over the break I’ve decided to assign some —"


"There’s one minute left so sit down and solve this —"


"I don’t care if you have three tests tomorrow, it’s not my job to —"


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